Health Certificates

If you are traveling with your pet, you are required to obtain a health certificate to confirm her or she is healthy. Health certificates are only good for 30 days (sometimes even less), so please plan accordingly. If you have questions, contact our team for clarification.

For pets traveling internationally, you will need an international health certificate.

For pets traveling within the United States and Puerto Rico, you need a domestic health certificate.


When traveling with a pet within the 50 United States and Puerto Rico, you are only required to obtain a domestic health certificate from our animal hospital. Be sure to still contact your airline about cost, how long a certificate is good for, and if there are any travel restrictions due to temperature.

Are you planning on traveling soon and need a health certificate? We are happy to help make sure your pet is healthy and able to travel when needed.


When traveling internationally with your pet dog or cat, there are four organizations that you need to contact in preparation:

      1. Your airline • ask about cost, how long the certificate is good for, and if there are any travel restrictions due to temperature of your departure city or destination.
      2. The Consulate • check your arriving country's Consulate for any special requirements.
      3. Ranch Animal Hospital • plan ahead if you have special requirements or your certificate has a small window of validity.
      4. A local USDA office • once your pet health certificate is issued, it must be signed by the USDA.