Dog and Cat Grooming

We offer grooming services for both dogs and cats at Ranch Animal Hospital!

Our groomers have almost 40 years of experience in helping your pet look and feel their very best. Grooming provides many additional health benefits to your pet besides the usual “beauty parlor” look and smell, such as:

  • Groomers may notice some health problems before they become a more serious issue so that you may seek medical attention for your pet.
  • Matted hair can be uncomfortable for your pet and can easily hide more serious skin issues underneath.
  • Groomers also care for a pet by cleaning and/or plucking excess hair from the ears which can prevent infections.
  • Trimming of the toenails is also part of a typical grooming and keeps your pet comfortable and helps prevent breaking excessively long toenails.

If you wish to schedule your pet for a grooming, you can always call our friendly reception team at (941) 745-5666 or book an appointment via the button below.

Grooming is an essential part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. If your pet needs a nail trim, bath, or complete grooming, let our team help your pet look and feel their best!